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We're Back, Baby!

April 2, 2024

A mild winter has given way to a wet and windy spring. As April blooms, although it may not feel like it, the race season is 100% back and better than ever! 

For some of us, there is never really an off-season...just long winter months of fixing broken parts (like throttle cables, amirite?), telling endless stories of what ifs, and talking about how great we are going to be in the spring. For Lucas, Alex, and myself, the off-season was highlighted with a road trip to PRI and a couple of outings to Topeka, Kansas. There were also plenty of meetings to be hosted, whether it was brainstorming to bring in new ideas, or trying to learn as much as we could to put the track in the best position possible.

Yet, for all of us, the time for talking is over, and it's time to get things rolling. So, while we finish up some off-season projects and implement some new ideas, we ask that you get your race cars tuned-up and ready to hit the drag strip. We kick off the 2024 season in just 20 short days!

Fangmann Brothers Aim for Second-Year Success

December 29, 2023

With the new year right around the corner, the Fangmann brothers have agreed to take over track operations here at Tri-State Raceway for a second year. With a previous successful race season in 2023, they are looking forward to what is to come. Congratulations to the boys. We anticipate a great 2024 race season and hope to see everyone soon!

Tri-State's Future in Fangmann's Hands

January 1, 2023

The new year brought a new change to Tri-State Raceway and a big one at that! The Fangmann's, long-time employees of the track, announced that for the 2023 race season, they would be handling all track operations. Congratulations to them, and we look forward to a very exciting race season!

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