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Tri-State's Future in Fangmann's Hands

January 1, 2023

The new year brought a new change to Tri-State Raceway and a big one at that! The Fangmann's, long time employees of the track, announced that for the 2023 race season, they would be handling all track operations. Congratulations to them, and we look forward to a very exciting race season!

October 9th Earlville, Iowa


Cool temps are the norm in October, but it ended up a beautiful afternoon with a tight track. Open time runs were available all day with a special free eliminator for the test and tune folks. NHRA has provided us an opportunity for the street legal cars to compete for a Wally and we split them up between our last test n tunes with street legal. This time it was Andrew Quinn getting the win over Al Mart. Quinn has a couple Wally’s on the shelf from past wins at TSR but this one is special. Quinn dedicated the win to his mentor/uncle Justin who himself has a collection of those Wally’s. TSR wants to thank its customers and crew for a great summer.

Lots of Racers at NHRA TV Challenge

October 1st - Earlville, Iowa

Jeremy Murphy ran dead-on the dial to beat Bill Cox in the No-Box Gambler. Scott Vargason was the lone semi-finalist. Al Grimm bested Ray Thompson in the Box Gambler final. Mike and Dustin Meier were semi-finalists. Grimm then bested a red-lighting Murphy in the run-off. Brando-Speed put together a Junior Gambler that was won by Briar Hess. Briar bested McKenzie Melchert in a close final. Austin Begyn was the lone semi-finalist. It was a fun day.

October 2nd - Earlville, Iowa

With the cool temps racing was delayed but once we got going it was fast. John Goslosky was a double winner on the weekend. John bested Zach Mortenson in the Wright-Way Trailers Quick 16 final. Mike Chitty and Dustin Meier were semi-finalists. Goslosky then beat Mike Walsh in the Quick Performance S/P final. John put it dead-on to push Walsh under. Garrett Chitty and Ray Thompson were semi-finalists. Bob Ridenour won the Wally in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class over Mike Wymore. James Halverson and Jeff Freeman Jr. were semi-finalists. Scott Vargason bested Don Paisley for the Wally in the Gateway Towing Sportsman class. Jeremy Keunster was the lone semi-finalist. Justin Vargason won a Wally in the Thompson Tire Trophy class by beating Gaige Allen. Shaun Holmquist and Logan Miller were semi-finalists. Tyler Marthaler bested (newly crowned season champ) Strad Dighton in the AIH Chrome Street Bike class final. Dylan Tydrich was the lone semi-finalist. In the winner circle Marthaler dropped to a knee and proposed to his soon to be wife. Then in the Gear-Driven Performance Open Bike class it was Bill Ray running dead-on to best John Ihm. Randy Czarnecki was the lone semi-finalist. Then in the AIH/Gear-Driven run-off for the Wally it was Bill Ray running dead-on again to beat Tyler Marthaler. Bill got the Wally, Tyler got the Wifey . Austin bested Alexis Halverson in the Novak Electric Junior Dragster class final. Paige Davis was the lone semi-finalist. Briar Hess beat Slade Hess in the Brando-Speed Junior Consi. McKenzie Melchert was the lone semi-finalist. In the Novak’s Helmet Run-Off it was Briar Hess over Austin Begyn for top honors. To end our season we have the Pro-Fusion/Outlaw Run for the Ring. This year it was Paige Davis getting the win over Alexis Halverson. Bennett Meier and Austin Begyn were semi-finalists. TSR would like to thank their racers and sponsor for a safe and successful season.



Team Tri-State Does Well at Topeka, Kansas

With a short team TSR made a respectable showing. The group worked well together and raced as a team. Thanks to the Chitty’s for hosting the meal and supplying parts as needed. Team stuff is cool to be part of and couldn’t be prouder of our group. Wymore and Christianson were top points earners for the team as we ended our day tied with Cedar Falls for 4th. I can only congratulate Julesburg as they showed great team spirit and if we can’t win the award I am glad they did. Thanks to all that made the trip to Topeka and thanks for the memories. On a side note Bill Cox won best engineered vehicle for the event and Jarron Christianson was also awarded best engineered Bike and he was also the r/u in the main event eliminator. It is nice to be recognized for your efforts. Thanks again. !!!! Now on to Vegas for the EVO National Championship run. Alex Fangmann was awarded the Div 5 EVO championship and are asked to represent Div 5 at the Nevada Nationals on Halloween weekend for the National Championship. Good Luck Alex I know you will make us proud.

LODRS Was A Shortened Event

September 7th - 9th

The event was shortened due to the weather forecast. One TT/qualifier was given on Friday morning and off to the races we did go. Cool weather and clean cars allowed TSR and Division 5 crews to get through 3 rounds of eliminations before sundown. An early start allowed the crews to complete the event before noon and the storms that we knew were coming. Thanks to all who braved the events schedule and hopefully completing the season was everyone’s goal. Getting everybody’s rigs on pavement was one of our goals and we felt successful in that.

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