Oct 27, 2017  -  2017 Awards Banquet

Tri State Raceway 2017 Awards Banquet will be held Saturday, December 2nd at the Dyersville Commercial Club Park.  We will be serving Beef, Chicken, Potatoes & Gravy, Vegetable, Salad, Rolls and Desert.  $20 for adults, $12 for children under 12.  Cocktails 6:00, Dinner 7:00, Music 9:00-Midnight

RSVP Only!  There will be NO tickets available at the door.  Please return completed RSVP with payment to the address on the form. CLICK HERE for reservation form.

Oct 1, 2017  -  All Thompson final at All Access Challenge

The fifth running of the series dubbed the Wright-Way Trailers Quick 16 was contested on a beautiful day at Tri-State Raceway. After a morning of time trials and qualifying it was Bob Wright at the top of the sheet. Wright went a quick 6.35 to take top honors. In the eliminator it was a good day to be a Thompson. Brad Thompson came from the number 16 qualifying position and used sharp reaction to green and dead-on the dial laps to reach the final. In the final it was Ray Thompson, who himself had a couple .00 r/t and a couple dead-on the dial laps to reach the final. Brad got the Wally from his father Ray in a close double-breakout race. Howard Schlueter and Kevin Haack were semi-finalists. In the Quick Performance S/P class it was Kevin Haack getting the win over Ray Thompson. Haack put together a .022 package for the win and the Wally. Jim Hesseling was the lone semi-finalist.  CLICK HERE for complete story.

Sept 26, 2017  -  Azbill Family Run for the Ring fields set

The Azbill Family run for the Ring runs in conjunction with our All Access Challenge. We are still running our usual program of Toys Done Right Junior Dragsters and the Novak Electric Junior Consi, but the Run for the Ring will be a race with-in a race. The top 8 points earners on the season compete for the Jostens Championship Ring. We will probably run first round during qualifying.  These are the first round pairings.

Valerie Steffens vs.Levi Mulholland

Aiva Moore vs. Evan Begyn

Tucker Ladeburg vs. Jasi Moore

Austin Begyn vs. Matthias Kohl.

Alternates are Breice Begyn and Zach Halverson

Sept 2-3, 2017  -  Midwest Summer Classic is a big success

On Saturday, the Midwest Class Racer/Heartland S/SS Combo was to say the least was awesome. 118 cars staged up for the first round, and without the rain delays the majority of the eliminations were split at 11 cars. The MCR/Heartland racers decided to run it off Sunday morning. Randy Mans bested Mike Lund in a close final. Curt Hieb and Scott Pearson were semi-finalists. Jeremy Demers showed us why he is #5 from last season by running dead on 8.90 to best Ricky Hill in the Midwest S/C class final. Ray Thompson and Don Liesdon were semi-finalists. For the complete story CLICK HERE.

August 5-6, 2017  -  Iowa State Champs Crowned at TSR

Charlie Hamma took his Digital Delay Cutlass to the final of the Quick Performance S/P class, were John Day awaited the final round matchup with Hamma. Day was good but Hamma was better at both ends of the race. Al Grimm was the lone semi-finalist. Brandon Schmall parked his Dart in the TSR winners circle by besting Jim Wolff in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final. Nathan Schroeder was the lone semi-finalist. Randy Temperley won the Delhi Lumber Sportsman class final over a red-lighting Bruce Cox. Travis Steffens was the lone semi-finalist.  For complete story CLICK HERE.

July 15-16, 2017  -  McMasters, Steffens double at National Open

On a busy weekend with the NHRA cars in town for the National Open, bracket cars took to the track first for time trials. This allowed NHRA Tech time to get finished and this schedule adjustment made the event smoother than the previous year. John Day parked his dragster in the winnerís circle after a hot day of racing. Day bested Brad Squier in the Quick Performance S/P class final. Don Paisley and Mike Handke were semi-finalists. Dustin Wells won the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final over Bob Ridenour.  CLICK HERE for complete story.

July 1-2, 2017  -  Pifkin Crowned King - Black goes 3 out of 3 in Quick 16

Tri-State Raceway contested its King of the Track at the mid-season on Saturday. Taking the top 4 points earners on the season and running them off until each class had a champion. The champions clash for the title (King of the Track) and the Wally.  Class champions were Al Grimm S/P, Dave Primrose Pro Bike, Travis Steffens Sportsman and Steve Pifkin Pro. Pifkin bested Steffens in the semiís and Dave Primrose in the final.  CLICK HERE for complete story and pictures.

June 10-11, 2017  -  Klemme wins Member Track Run-off; Kohl Doubles

As the summer heat arrives at TSR the competition has heated up right along with it. Tom Klemme came out on top of the Member Track Madness run-off. Klemme bested the days champions in S/P, Pro, Sportsman and Trophy classes. In the final it was Klemme over a red-lighting Mark Rosenbaum. Matt Kohl and Mike Freeman were semi-finalists. Matt Kohl took top honors in the Quick Performance S/P class by besting a red-lighting Brandon Busch. Tom Roschen and Garrett Chitty were semi-finalists. Points leader Mark Rosenbaum bested Jason Seeley in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final. Brad Maxwell and Steve Morrissey were semi-finalists. Mike Freeman got the win in the Delhi Lumber Sportsman class final over a red-lighting Tim Kania. Randy Temperley and Ron Waline were semi-finalists. Tom Klemme was the lone entry in Trophy class. It was a good day for the Begyn family. Austin Begyn ran dead-on the dial to get the win over Valerie Steffens in the Toys Done Right Junior Dragster class final. Allie Ulbrich was the lone semi-finalist. Lyla Begyn bested Levi Mulholland in the Novak Electric Junior Consi. Tucker Ladeburg was the lone semi-finalist. In an all Begyn final it was Lyla Begyn getting the win over a red-lighting Austin Begyn in the Novakís King of the Track run-off.  TSR would like to thank the NHRA for the Member Track Madness program.

The 2nd running of the 5 race series dubbed the Wright-Way Trailers Quick 16 was contested at TSR on a hot sunny day. Brad Green was the low qualifier with a 6.64 and received the Wright-Way Trailers 100$ bonus. Bill Black bested Lou Rausch in a close final round. Mike Chitty and Brad Green were semi-finalists. Black has won both the events on the 2017 season so far. Matt Kohl finished off his weekend undefeated. Kohl got the win over Doug Yates who slowed. Ed Fox Jr. and Mike Halverson were semi-finalists. Rob Miller bested a red-lighting Mark Rosenbaum in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final. Nick Merfeld and Jason Seeley were semi-finalists. A new points leader emerges with a win in the Delhi Lumber Sportsman class final. Andrew Quinn bested Travis Steffens in a close final. Laura Keuter was the lone semi-finalist. Suzy Kania took a single for the Trophy class honors. Valerie Steffens won High School class on a single also. In the Stowell-It Cancer Benefit race it was Kenny Mills besting Nathan Stowell in a close final. Tim Kania and John Ihm were semi-finalists. Pat Finder won the AIH Chrome Street Bike presented by Gradyís Graphics class final over John Ihm. Tom Krava and Dylan Tydrich were semi-finalists. Brian Moody bested Dylan Tydrich in the Carlson Customís Open Bike class presented by Graphic Studio. Tom Klemme and Nathan Stowell were semi-finalists. In the Toys Done Right Junior Dragster class it was Lucas DeCook getting the win over Zach Halverson. Max Kohl was the lone semi-finalists. Tucker Ladeburg bested Angelle Pullin in the Novak Electric Junior Consi final. Allie Ulbrich was the lone semi-finalist. In the Novakís King of the Track it was Lucas DeCook getting the win as Tucker Ladeburg went red. TSR would like to thank its series sponsors as we couldnít succeed without them.

June 3-4, 2017  -  Fuller and Balk break through tough fields

With weather looming in the forcast for Saturday afternoon, 2 time trials and race was the call. Mike Fuller used sharp r/tís and close to the dial runs to win the Quick Performance S/P class. In the final it was Fuller running closer to his dial than Angele DeJesus. In the Maxwell Transmission Pro class, it was Dan Balk getting the win over Jeff Freeman, Jr. Mark Rosenbaum and Steve Pifkin were semi-finalists. 

For complete article and pictures, CLICK HERE.

May 27-28, 2017  -  Steffens doubles in rain shortened event

After 2 qualifiers and time trials and with storms looming the eliminations were started in a fury. The area storms seemed to trouble our scoreboards forcing TSR to try and fix on the fly. Needless to say some stress was involved in our operation, but we were able to get into the day of racing only to be rained out in the early evening. Bracket classes were past 2nd round and the purses were split and races were cancelled. The Heartland/MCR association and TSR made the decision to finish the S/SS combo and the Toys Done Right Junior dragster classes on Sunday morning during time trials. This scenario worked well and we appreciate everyoneís help finishing the Saturday event and getting Sundayís event in to completion. Finishing the event Sunday morning gave teams some adversity as we went right into the eliminations. No time trials. Valerie Steffens bested Austin Begyn in a double break-out final. Maya Kohl was the lone semi-finalist. Steffens took home the ďWallyĒ for her efforts. In the Heartland/MCR S/SS combo there were 16 cars left to get Saturdayís race in the books. Tait Steines bested Richard Myers with a dead-on lap. Jason DeForrest got the win over Johnny Diekema in a close double break-out race. Brett Speer out ran Adam Mesenbring in a heads-up GT/LA round. Rob Turkal used a better r/t to advance past Al Corda in a double break-out race. In the semiís it was Brett Speer putting together a .033 package to get the win over Tait Steines. Rob Turkal used a .031 package to win over Jason DeForrest (fresh off a Menards National event win) who seemed to break traction and ran off his dial. In the final Rob Turkal used sharp r/t to gain the advantage and parlay the advantage into a win over Brett Speer.

With a great turnout of S/SS cars (64) the Heartland/Midwest Class Racers are a force in Division 5. Yesterdayís r/u was todayís winner as Brett Speer bested Matt Lund. Speer won the round at the tree and was able to peddle to the win. Jason DeForrest and Wayne Denklau were semi-finalists. Bill Dyer was low qualifier both days and received the Blondell Plumbing bonus money. Afton Swanson (fresh off a Menardís Nationals win at Topeka Ks.) was low qualifier in the Wright-Way Trailers Quick 16 and received that bonus money. In the eliminator it was Bill Black besting Larry Dalton in a close final. Ray and Brad Thompson were semi-finalists. In the newly renamed Quick Performance S/P class it was Tony Robertson over Branden Martinson. Martinson gave it away at the line, turning it on red. Terry Miller and Al Grimm were semi-finalists. Robertson was quick to thank sponsors Sear Hometown of Austin Mn. and Tom Kadlec Honda for their support. Mark Rosenbaum used a dead-on dial pass to force Mike Wymore under his dial in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final. Brandon Schmall was the lone semi-finalist. In Sportsman class it was Ron Waline besting Justin Rosenbohm (last yearís champ) in a close final round. Suzy Kania and Ross Weibensohn were semi-finalists. Barry Selland won the hardware in Trophy class over a red-lighting Kendall Keuter. Valerie Steffens finished off her double weekend with a win in the Toys Done Right Junior Dragster class final. Steffens bested Levi Mulholland in a close final. Austin Begyn was the lone semi-finalist. Aiva Moore (2017 champ) won the Novak Electric Junior Consi over Tucker Ladeburg. Breeann Covell was the lone semi-finalist. Then in the Novakís King of the Track run-off it was Aiva Moore over a red-lighting Valerie Steffens. TSR would like to thank its series sponsors and NHRA and Summit for the JD Challenge program. The kids love it.

May 25, 2017  -  Pat Weber loses courageous battle with cancer.

With heavy hearts, we regret to inform about the passing of a great friend and true champion, Pat Weber.  The 8-time Tri State Raceway track champion will be missed, and we will keep he and his family in our thoughts and prayers.  CLICK HERE for Pat's obituary. Godspeed...

Pat Weber.jpg (170544 bytes)

May 21, 2017  -  Walk Sticks S/ST, Klemme wins Open Bike

After losing Saturday to rain we got our first event off to a damp start. Working together staff and racers were able to get in some early season racing. After 2 T/T and qualifiers, eliminations went off without a hitch. Ron Walk was victorious in the NCSSA S/ST class final in his stick-shifted Pontiac, as Chuck Lowinskeís car broke. Jay Wilson and Tom Fangman were semi-finalists. John Davis Jr. bested a red-lighting Jim Hesseling in the Quick Performance S/P final. Ron Balk and Brian Lynch were semi-finalists. Steve Pifkin bested a red-lighting Laura Steward in the Maxwell Transmission Pro class final. Jason Seeley was the lone semi-finalists. In the Delhi Lumber Sportsman class final it was Valerie Steffens getting the win over a red-lighting Ron Waline. Andrew Quinn was the lone semi-finalists. Suzy Kania won the hardware in Trophy class as Mike Shird fouled. Scott Harmes was the lone semi-finalists. Ryan Estal bested Valerie Steffens to take the trophy in High School class. Mikayla Morton was the lone semi-finalists. In the AIH Chrome Street Bike presented by Gradyís Graphics it was Brian Moody besting Jarod Lorenson in a double break-out race. Moody used a large starting line advantage for the win. Kenny Mills was the lone semi-finalist. Tom Klemme bested a tough field to win the first Gradyís Graphics Open Bike eliminator presented by Morton Motorsports at TSR. Klemme bested Ryan Dhabalt in a close final. Brain Moody and Dennis Bailey were semi-finalists. The class seems to have a little traction with 19 bikes for our first event, only thing is we have some rules to address.

All Bikes must have front and rear brakes, no exceptions. All riders must have the NHRA license in hand to compete at 9.99 seconds and quicker. Please donít waste your time/gas money or our time on this issue. 

In the Toys Done Right Junior Dragster class final it was last yearís champ Aiva Moore besting Valerie Steffens in a double break-out race. Sydney Jones and Maddie Ladeburg were semi-finalists. Alex Schwindt bested Alexis Halverson in the Novak Electric Junior Consi. Zach Halverson and Breeann Covell were semifinalists. Schwindt used .oo lights in the semiís and the finals to advance. In the Novakís King of the Track run-off Schwindt hit the tree with another .00 r/t to beat a red-lighting Aiva Moore.

May 10, 2017  -  New Sponsors for 2017

Tri-State Raceway is announcing the partnering with Quick Performance in Ames, IA. This partnering will supply TSR with a left lane sponsorship as well as the top class sponsor. It will be named the Quick Performance Super Pro class. With this sponsorship, it allows TSR to guarantee purses in the class. Quick Performance is a manufacturer of rear-end housings and all components. TSR is proud to carry the Quick Performance banner and would recommend Quick Performance to be your drive-line parts provider.

Maxwell Transmission of Davenport, IA will be our Pro class sponsor for the 2017 season. TSR is proud to fly the Maxwell Transmission banner, as we know the quality of his work is top notch. This sponsorship will provide TSR with backing to guarantee purses and keep the programs growing.

Brando-Speed has become a new TSR sponsor also. They do powder coating as well as chassis work and new construction of a new car. Brandon Hess has become the area leader in chassis setup.

Ollinger Garage door has expanded his support and we decided to bring back an eliminator for the ladies of Tri-State. This eliminator will be run for the NON POINTS racers and be called the Ollinger Garage Door Foxy Lady Eliminator. This class will be added to June 3 and August 5. We hope this allows the racer wives and any Foxy Lady that wants to have a little racing fun to join in. This will be a free/ fun class with 1 re-entry round (second chance). A trophy and the ever important bragging rights will be the award.


The NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League will celebrate its 25th anniversary during the 2017 season, commemorating a quarter-century of participation from thousands of kids ages 5-17.

The NHRA will celebrate 25 years of the NHRA Summit Racing Jr. Drag Racing League competition at Mello Yello Drag Racing Series events across the country in 2017, as well as at the annual NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Western Conference Finals and NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Eastern Conference Finals. The NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Western Conference Finals takes place at Osage Tulsa Raceway Park in Tulsa, Okla. on June 15-16, while the NHRA Jr. Drag Racing Eastern Conference Finals takes place on July 20-22 at Bristol Dragway. For complete story CLICK HERE.

Jan 30, 2017  -  New for 2017

We want to start off by thanking the racers and crew for one of the best years to date at TSR. With this momentum, 2017 should be even better. Looking back, it was a fun year at the track! As many of you have probably heard, Judi Meyer passed away in January. Judi was a regular fixture on the starting line since we opened and will be greatly missed.

Chassis Certification is April 8 and will be in Hiawatha at Wright-Way Trailers in the morning and at the track in the afternoon. Call Bill at 563-923-3724 for an appointment.

Please remember the Snell 2005 helmets are outdated. The 05ís have been around for 12 years and it is time to upgrade. Belts are good for 2 years from the punched date on the SFI tags. Extended tech is available, work with the tech department early in the year to get this done, it will make tech much easier for the season. Donít forget the containment rule for the 9.99 and quicker cars. A reminder that DRE offers a TSR discount. A bonus is also available for any win in Super Pro or Pro using a DRE diaper and having a DRE sticker on your race vehicle.

The Summit bracket racing series and Junior series at TSR will stay the same as years past. The Delhi Lumber Pro class will increase the purse at 35 cars to pay $800/$250.

New for the 2017 season is an Open Bike-No "E" class that will run on the same day as Street Bike to help get the class off the ground. Open Bike is for bikes that arenít able to run in Street Bike. The entry fee will be $50, buy backs will be available and round money will start with a 2nd round win. We are still working to secure a couple more sponsors so the flier will be out soon with more details and payout information.

Pit spot rentals are available again this year for $205. Call the track for reservations.

The Summit ET Finals are going to stay in Topeka for the future, the rotation of going to Brainerd or Denver every couple years has gone away. Entry fees and crew passes will see a $5 increase along with some other changes. The schedule at the ET Finals will be a Test & Tune ran by the track on Thursday (times to follow). Friday, we will have time trials and gamblers like always, with the addition of the Race of Champions. Saturday will be the main event following a time trial. This way the winnerís circle and prize give-away will be Saturday night with a winnerís circle party, band and entertainment. This allows the team spirit and team championships to be celebrated while everyone is still there. Sunday will be available for a rain date or a big money gambler. Those choosing to stay will be given the same amount of racing for the weekend that we have had in years past. The Sunday gambler entries will be sold all day Saturday to help get total participation. You can also choose to get an early start home. Either way, it is the Summit ET Finals and we always have a good time. Be sure to check out and

We are always looking for people with the passion for racing that will help with race operations. Contact the track for more info.

TSR is also seeking partners/sponsors that can help with the racing program and help keep us going in the future. If you have a business that advertises, we work hard to get the impressions necessary to make the dollars spent viable to your success. Contact Bill Cassil at the track about signage prices and locations or call 563-923-3724 for more information. We would be proud to have you join our sponsorship team.

2107 Sponsors

AIH Chrome,  Azbill Family Racing,  BARD Materials,  Brando Speed,  Bulicekís Landing,  Chitty Garbage Service,  ComElec Services,  Comfort Inn,  Delhi Lumber,  Diamond Oil,  DJís Repair,  DRE Enterprises,  Earlville Corner Stop,  Edgewood Auto & Tire,  Edgewood Oil,  Gradyís Graphics,  Hawkeye Weld & Repair,  Heartland Class Racers,  Hoosier Tire,  Larry Hodge Racing Tire,  Holmes & Braden Const.,  IA Speed & Supply,  Karl Performance,  Keystone Automotive,  Kwik Stop-Dubuque & Peosta,  Line Performance Racing Fuel,  Metro Harley Davidson Suzuki,  Midwest Class Racers,  Midwest Super Comp Association,  NAPA Auto Parts,  North Central Super Street Association,  Novak Electric,  Ollinger Garage Doors,  Patterson Performance,  Dr. Kurt Potach, DDS,  Rich & Shirley Putz,  Quick Performance,  Toys Done Right,  US Hwy 20 Lodging,  Valley View Farms,  White Front Feed & Seed,  Wild Bill Feist,  Wright Way Trailers

Jan 2, 2017  -  Judi (Schuster) Meyers  Aug11,1950-Jan1,2017

The Tri State racing family lost a loved one on New Years Day.  Judi was a staple on the starting line and at the track since it opened.  Our deepest sympathy to her husband Steve Meyers, her family, and everyone that shared the friendship of this special lady.  She will be missed by everyone.  

CLICK HERE for a link to her obituary. 

Dec 8, 2016  -  Containment Rule for 2017

New for 2017 engine containment will be required on 9.99 and quicker entries. DRE has put together a discount for TSR racers of 10%. When considering a diaper, consider DRE.  They have put up a 50$ bonus for any win in S/P and Pro with the DRE Diaper.  Thatís cash in hand!!! Safety is the reason we have decided that this is the move to make. 10.99 and quicker cars are on deck, but not at this time. NHRA Stock and Super Stock cars are exempt at this time.